History of DESSA Products

DESSA Products was founded in 2000 after we found ourselves too busy to prepare dishes after a long day at work. So, we began experimenting and pre-preparing our favourite local recipes one at a time until we achieved same great taste. Today, we have 19 cooking pastes available for your convenient cooking.

Our mission is to make life easier for busy people by providing extraordinary selection of high quality, “Original Home Taste” local favourites Premix Paste.

Making life easier

How many times have you come home exhausted only to be met at the door with, “I’m starving. What’s for dinner?” How many times have you been rushed all day and just don’t feel like cooking? Maybe you don’t like to cook, or you don’t think you can cook very well.

DESSA “Original Home Taste” dishes can be prepared and served in minutes, without all the fuss, mess and time needed. With so many families pressed for time, DESSA Premix Paste becomes the preferred choice again and again for the quality, value, and convenience DESSA Products provide.

Local favourites, anytime and anywhere

Now you can have an extraordinary selection of great tasting, highest quality local favourites to be prepared and cooked in your very own home.

19 local favourites can now be prepared and served in minutes, without all the fuss, mess and time needed. DESSA “Original Home Taste” Premix Paste is the preferred choice for its quality, value and convenience.

Premix Paste for Simple & Easy Cooking

Great tasting cooking pastes

Great taste & quality is our top priority as we value the importance of providing products that meet and exceed all customers expectations. Our pastes are prepared in-house where we verify that all raw material quality, process conformance, and products adhere to Quality Assurance practices.

DESSA products are always fresh, manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients, thus creating a Premix Paste of the finest tradition. This allows us to assure our loyal and valued consumers a product that is consistent and unsurpassed by any other brand.

Save Time

Spend less time in the kitchen and more with your family.

Fresh Ingredients

Be assured that our pastes are prepared with highest quality ingredients.

19 Local Favourites

Be spoilt for choice when you can easily cook 19 different dishes.

Available Islandwide

Our pastes are available at local supermarkets in Singapore.