DESSA Premix Pastes

DESSA “Original Home Taste” dishes can be prepared and served in minutes, without all the fuss, mess and time needed. With so many families pressed for time, DESSA Premix Paste is the preferred choice for its great taste, value and convenience.

Assam Pedas
Classic Malaysian “Sour & Spicy” dish usually cooked with fish.
Known as “Soup Tulang” is a dish of large beef bones drenched with tomato gravy.
Kari Ayam / Daging
Delicious Curry can be prepared with either chicken or meat.
Kari Ikan
“Fish Curry” is a dish commonly found in “Nasi Kandar”.
Also known as “Green Curry” due to its greenish look, is cooked with chicken or meat.
Laksa Johor

Derived from Assam Laksa, Laksa Johor is uniquely served with Spaghetti noodles.

Lemak Cili Api
“Spicy Thick Yellow Coconut Gravy” dish is usually cooked with fried fish or chicken.
A breakfast favourite, served with rice cake with mixed vegetables.
Masak Kicap
Favourite malay dish, black soya sauce Gravy usually cooked with chicken or fried fish.
Masak Merah
Spicy tomato sauce “cooked red” with chicken or meat usually found at “Nasi Padang” stalls.
Mee Bandung
Originated from Johor, Mee Bandung is a meal of mixed spicy ingredients with yellow noodles.
Mee Hong Kong
Mee Hong Kong is dish of yellow noodles with a thick, sweet & soupy gravy cooked with seafood.
Mee Rebus

A popular breakfast dish of thick, peanut gravy with yellow noodles and boiled eggs.

Mee Siam
Mee Siam is a spicy, sweet and sour gravy cooked with rice vermicelli or mee hoon.
Nasi Ayam
Chicken Rice is a meal made of rice cooked with chicken stock and served chicken.
A must-have for festivities, usually slow cooked with beef & coconut milk.
Sambal Goreng
A dish where fried meat are mixed with vegetables and stewed in an aromatic, coconut-based sauce.
Sambal Tumis
Fried chilli gravy cooked typically served with boiled eggs and seafood eg. prawn or cuttlefish.
Soto Ayam
Spicy chicken soup served with either vermicelli, yellow noodles or rice cakes.

Great tasting cooking pastes

Great taste & quality is our top priority as we value the importance of providing products that meet and exceed all customers expectations. Our pastes are prepared in-house where we verify that all raw material quality, process conformance, and products adhere to Quality Assurance practices.

DESSA products are always fresh, manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients, thus creating a Premix Paste of the finest tradition. This allows us to assure our loyal and valued consumers a product that is consistent and unsurpassed by any other brand.

Save Time

Spend less time in the kitchen and more with your family.

Fresh Ingredients

Be assured that our pastes are prepared with highest quality ingredients.

19 Local Favourites

Be spoilt for choice when you can easily cook 19 different dishes.

Available Islandwide

Our pastes are available at local supermarkets in Singapore.